Monday, March 16, 2015

Las Vegas Vacation: Bellagio fountains

 The last thing my kids wanted to do was to see the Mirage volcano and the Bellagio fountains. They loved them both and the best part? They were both completely free! :) Benji dropped us off and went to park the car.

 The kids spent their time waiting for the show to start by climbing trees.

And I spent my time taking selfies.

I had to include this one because of Sam's face.

And then suddenly Benji was in one of the selfies.

The fountains were amazing as usual.

This was Hannah's reaction to seeing the fountains. They are blurry because it was dark, but you can still see how excited and surprised she was.

We then made the long drive home. Leaving late at night made it so the kids slept the whole way home. Benji and I had plenty of snacks and Pepsi to help us on the way.

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