Friday, March 13, 2015

Las Vegas Vacation: Shark Reef Aquarium

After the M&M store we headed to Mandalay Bay for the Shark Reef Aquarium. It was an awesome aquarium, it didn't disappoint. The kids loved it.

On the way we saw the Excalibur hotel. 
 P.S. This is the first picture of Jordan where I can see young Benji in his face and doesn't he look so grown up in this picture!? It makes my heart happy and hurt all at the same time.

I apparently thought this escalator was cool because I got a lot of pictures of it.

My boys have always loved Komodo dragons, so it was cool to see one at the aquarium. You will also notice their little M&M guy toys that they got at the M&M store.

I think most of these pictures are pretty self explanatory. Just looking at fish.

The boys were so excited that this guy wanted to say hi. They had to introduce him to their toys.

Now a bunch of pictures of marine life, taken with a phone camera so most of them are blurry.

This is my favorite picture I took. I like to think they were posing for a picture.

 It was a fun aquarium.

After the aquarium we headed back to the hotel and got a few pictures of the sights on the way home.

Sam is holding up the octopus he picked out at the aquarium and Jordan is holding his penguin. We weren't planning on getting the souvenirs, but the kids were just so cute about it that we had to.

Sam was excited when we ran into Bumblebee.

The kids were exhausted that night. We walked A LOT that day, they slept like rocks!

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