Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve

I've attempted this post twice, but have accidentally closed it right before posting. It's frustrating. This is my last try...

We had a fun Christmas Eve. We spent the day baking cookies, getting the house ready for Santa and new toys, we went to Benji's aunt's house for a Christmas party, and then we came home to open pajamas.

Oh, look how excited he is.

First attempt at a nice picture with my boys. Didn't work out like I thought...

This is a little better. I hope one day Jordan likes to take pictures.

Opening up Christmas jammies.

Ooohhhh, he's excited too.

Showing off their new pajamas.

Christmas cookies for Santa.

Then we put the kids to bed and Santa left some toys under the tree.

And played some video games.

And made Christmas breakfast until 2 am.

I wanted to get cute pictures of the babes all nestled in bed, but when I got upstairs to their room this is how I found Jordan.

So here he is after getting him back in bed and waiting 10 minutes.....

And the little one

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