Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hadfield Nativity

I have been meaning to post these pictures since the first of December, but kept putting it off, and then I forgot. We had the first annual Hadfield Christmas party the first Saturday of December. We had a delicious dinner, told the nativity story with all the cute nephews and niece dressed up, and we had a cousin gift exchange. Jordan got to be a cute little sheep for the Nativity reenactment, but he was like that one sheep that wanders off because we didn't see him the entire story.
This was the best picture I could get of Jordan in his costume.

Sam was baby Jesus. When we sang 'Away in a Manger' he danced and bounced. Then he started crying so we had to call in one of the angels (me) to come calm him down.

Then the wayward sheep found a new home in the manager. Hmmm...I don't think that's how the story goes.

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Awww -- how sweet, thanks Melissa