Monday, December 21, 2009

Visiting Santa

Jordan and I went and visited Santa Saturday night. Since he was scared of Santa last year, I felt like I needed to give him a fair warning before we went. I told him Santa is a big old man, with a huge white beard, wearing a big red suit, and if that isn't scary enough, you have to sit on his lap. I think I prepared him enough because he wasn't shy at all. After the long wait in the line he ran right up to him and climbed on his lap.

Before we left I asked Jordan what he was going to ask Santa for, and he enthusiastically replied, "Water!!" He didn't end up asking for agua, but a helicopter instead, which made me SO excited because that's what he is already getting! Although, I guess we already have water as well, but a helicopter is more fun.

All bundled up waiting in line for Santa.

Here is Jordan entertaining everyone in line by dancing to pass the time.

Looking at all the lights and decorations.

He got a picture with Santa, but we pick that up later today, so I'll post that later.

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