Saturday, July 10, 2010

A few random things

Yesterday Jordan was in the bath with Sam and he was teaching him how to say, "Da-dee-da." That is how Jordan said waterfall when he was Sam's age. It was so stinkin cute, and Sam really was saying it too!

Jordan used to bring me packages of tampons because he thought they were candy. I had to start calling them "mommy's medicine" so he would stop trying to eat them. The other day I told Jordan I wasn't feeling very well and a few minutes later he came back with a tampon and said, "here's some medicine mom, this will feel you better."

Jordan hates when we put sunscreen on in the morning. HATES it. It is one of the worst time of the day for me as well because I have to try and get two screaming boys sunscreened (yeah, I made up a word). Yesterday Jordan told me, "the sunscreen will take away my energy!"

Speaking of energy, Jordan's favorite thing to tell me is, "but the candy will give me energy!" Good try. But on the plus side, if I want him to eat something healthy all I have to tell him is that it will give him energy. Where he picked that up, I really don't know.

Jordan sometimes wakes up super-duper early and acts like a...toddler that woke up super-duper early. One time he woke up crying loudly and just ran around the house up and down the stairs, all around, and then he ended up in the back bedroom of the basement and slammed the door. This morning was one of those days. Jordan woke up screaming and crying and demanded that Benji take a shower. If I wasn't so tired and mad, I think I would have laughed. He just screamed and cried over and over, "Daddy needs to take a SHOWER!!!!" He finally went back to sleep and woke up a few hours later acting not so crazy.

Sam has started talking and it's fun to hear the new words he says daily. My favorite thing he says is, "all done!" He says that when he's done eating, or done in the bath and so on. But when I go to change his diaper he starts crying and whimpers, "all done, all done!" He hates sitting still for a diaper change and I think he thinks that one day telling me we're done will really work.

I have a hard time keeping Sam's highchair and the floor around it clean. He loves feeding himself and I don't mind letting him, but some days I really wonder if I should spoon feed him until he's three. I've tried putting his food on plates, but that usually makes a bigger mess because he throws the plate on the floor. His new favorite thing to let me know he's finished is rub the remaining food in his hair. Nice.
So lately, after dinner I've been taking his highchair out back and squirting it down with the hose. It's so nice and fast and it gets a lot cleaner.

Really though, you can't feel sorry for me when I let him eat chocolate pudding in his chair...


Stephanie said...

How can a chocolatey baby be that handsome?

Stephanie said...
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Camille and Paul said...

Love this post. So fun to read those special family moments!

Julie said...

I have the sweetest nephews ever!

kelseyluella said...

put up koosharem pics! /I laughed my head off reading this

Mindy said...

I generally don't like feminine hygiene stories ... but this one was great. Hahah! :)