Friday, July 16, 2010

How dirty do your kids get??

Because I have a feeling my boys are above average in the dirt category. Where in the world does it all come from AND how do you keep it off of them? Lately Sam has been averaging 3 outfit changes a day. Usually our bath looks like this when it's done draining...Yeah, that's all dirt. Well, there's also a quarter, but that doesn't count...or does it?

This is what Sammy looked like after playing outside for seriously about 20 minutes.
This doesn't even showcase the lovely amount of mud that was on the front of his shirt. I'm not going to lie, he got sprayed down with the hose before coming inside.

Some days I'm a lot nicer and he rinses off in the kitchen sink.
But either way, when ever they get cleaned up there is a bigger mess to clean up after that--the bath, sink, laundry and me. Just to name a few.

If it's not dirt then it's food. I wanted to take a picture showing Jordan's fat lip he got the night before and of course there is food all over his face. Haha

So, just in case you are wondering the Hadfield boys do bathe, do own soap, and they do get their faces wiped after meals. They just have a mom that believes boys should play outside and getting dirty is probably good for them, but mostly she just can't keep up with the dirt.

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kelseyluella said...

you are terrible at this putting up koosharem pics thing.. but... the picture of sam in the bath is adorable!
.... the security word it wants me to write to post this is inncest