Friday, February 4, 2011

Highlights of preschool week 3

The theme was blue. We had fun learning that blue is a primary color, that if it's mixed with yellow it makes green and if it's mixed with red it makes purple. We learned that blue can mean that you are sad and it's also a kind of music.

We made melted blue crayon masterpieces

We made blue jello

For a science project we put carnations in water dyed with blue food coloring. When I asked Jordan what he thought would happen if we put the flowers in the blue water he said, "they will drink the blue water and turn blue!"

And he was right!

At the end of the week we decided to dye the other white flower green.

We made blue cupcakes another day
For a large muscle/math activity I made blue circles with a number on it. I turned on music and the boys had to dance around the room, when the music stopped they had to step on one of the circles. We figured out what number was on the circle and then we turned the circle over because there were directions for something else they had to do (jump 4 times, wave your arms in the air 10 times, kick your leg 7 times, etc...)

For large muscle on another day we did blue ribbon dancing. (They LOVED this!)

This is the best dance party picture I have ever taken. It makes me laugh. What is Sam doing? Better yet, what is Jordan doing? Haha

For a sensory/science project we made blue goop (corn starch and water). Jordan played with this stuff for hours. Seriously. And then I tried it out and I played with it for hours. It is cool stuff.

We also made lower case b with cut up paint sample cards that I used at the beginning of my lesson to introduce blue.


Jessica C. said...

I want to move our family back to Utah so that we can enroll our children in your preschool. Seriously.

kelseyluella said...

That dance picture is THE FUNNIEST thing I have EVER seen!!! I honestly laughed at it for 12 minutes straight! You need to put that on a jones soda bottle or something. It's incredible. He looks like he should be in the olympics! Or on a drill team... hahaha. Man it's so great, so I want to go on about it. Sam's face... Jordan in the background... Sam and Jordan's poses. Best thing EVERRRRR!