Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mischief by Sam part 4

I've debated whether I should continue the "Mischief by Sam" series. I don't want it to start to appear like I'm forcing him to do naughty things just for a blog post (I'm not, these are all his own creations), and there comes a point where these posts should no longer be called "Mischief by Sam" but more like, "Mom, you should know better!" I really am trying to keep up with this guy, but really, when am I going to learn! :)

With that said, here are the latest pictures:

I couldn't get a very good picture because of the snowy background, but Sam made hand prints on the window....with sour cream.

Yes, he found more mascara AND a permanent marker. He colored all over his cute shirt with purple marker and that mark on the wall was him too. I walked in the kitchen just as he started to draw that line and stopped him before he could do anything worse.

As I was taking the pictures Jordan stepped in to get his picture taken as well! Haha
I lost the 4th roll of toilet paper of the week when Sam opened my eye makeup remover and dumped it all over the crumpled paper. URGGGH!

And this is where we get a glimpse of Sam as a mischievious teenager:
He dismantled a firework. In my house. Under my own roof. Under my watchful care. Seriously though, this one freaked me out. What the heck!?

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Grandma B said...

I think Sam's mischiefness tells me one thing. He should NEVER get together with Mindy's twins. They are double trouble and I fear the 3 of them would be so past mischief and trouble!