Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick sick sick

I was with my friend the other day and made the comment, "We've been so lucky that we haven't gotten sick this winter." That night Sam threw up for the first time. That was January 11th. Then he started throwing up every night after that. He would act fine during the day and still had a fine appetite, but at night everything would come up. Then he got worse and was soon throwing up everything he ate or drank. I started getting a little worried about him getting dehydrated because it had been over 24 hours since he had kept anything down so we took him to the ER at 3:30 in the morning--that was on January 20th. The Dr. gave him some Zofran, which helped him keep down some water, pedialite and some crackers. He told me to go to his regular pediatrician if he was throwing for the next two days. Well, for the next three days he continued to throw up and have diarrhea, so I took him to his pediatrician and had him checked out. Everything seemed alright, but he told me if he was throwing up for the next two days to bring him back. So basically I got the same advice from each doctor. :) I guess when you have a sick kid the advice is to wait two days?
Anyway, he kept throwing up. He was back to only throwing up at night and I was getting tired. And my laundry pile was now a mountain. And my back hurt from carrying Sam everywhere because he didn't have the energy to walk. But we made it. He threw up for the last time on January 29th and he seems to be doing much better now! (Thank goodness!) So, my poor kid was sick with the stomach flu for 18 days! I'm glad he is better.

One morning I had to get a picture of him when he woke up because he had crazy bed head and for some reason his stork bite that he had at birth showed up again on his forehead.

Jordan got sick too, but it only lasted a few days. Here was our sick day jammie party.

Sam was pretty lethargic and would often just fall asleep where ever he was sitting.

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