Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day

We had a pretty simple Valentine's Day. In the morning I took the boys to my neighbor's house while I ran to the store and picked up some fabulous balloons they were loving. I brought them home, set them up in front of the front door and then went and got them. When they walked in the door they were so surprised and happy.
I bought the huge heart one for Jordan because right now he loves balloons that have words on them. I bought the two smaller animal balloons for Sam because I knew he would love those animals. I was so happy when I opened the door and they ran to the balloons that I picked out for them. They spent the rest of the day playing with the balloons!

I made a pink and red dinner for the boys. They had a breakfast/dinner with red pancakes, strawberries, ham, strawberry milk and red jello. They LOVED it.
Yes, that is a pancake. Even with spray, they kept sticking to the pan. They were still good though! :)

I told Sam to smile just as he put a bite in his mouth, he just pushed the food aside to grin.

After the boys went to bed I made crab legs, shrimp scampi, and salad for Benji and me. I also bought us red Jone's sodas.

I loved spending the day with the boys I love most in the world. We had a good day being ushy and gushy and celebrating love.


kelseyluella said...

them with their balloons is the cutest picture ever!

Camille and Paul said...

Way to go Miss. I was way too boring this year for Valentines. I'll have to do something cuter next year!
I'll blame it on the new baby thing. :)

I am so impressed with your dinner. I have NEVER cooked shrimp or crab legs for Paul. I think he would die of shock if I did and absolutely love it. Maybe I'll get the recipe from you next year. BUt the crab legs seriously scare me.