Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brigham City Pool

My friend came to visit one day in August and we went to the Brigham pool to swim. It was a PERFECT day to go. It was nice and sunny, the water was a perfect temperature and there was nobody there. It was nice because I could sit there with Sam and still see Jordan as he went down the slides 100 times.

Here are all the kids together. It was a hard one to take because Wesley was ready to run to the pool.
This is his smile.

It took Wesley a little while to warm up.

But it didn't take long before he was jumping in the pool and going down the slides too!

Jordan was SO proud of getting his face all the way under the water.

Then it was time to leave....


Stephanie said...

Sam's faces make me laugh so hard, and I love the pictures of Jordan jumping.

kelseyluella said...

I love the picture of Jordan running through the water! I can't get over how big he looks! Oh my heck! And I love Sam's sad face. haha. This is great!