Monday, September 12, 2011

Box Elder County Fair

It was the county fair a few weeks ago. It's my favorite time of year because I love the fair, but I love back-to-school time and knowing that the weather will soon be cooling off. Also, the Box Elder county fair has the best burgers and pie around. I look forward to them all year!! I love that residents of the county get into the arts, crafts, animals, produce growing, baking, canning etc. I love walking around and looking at everything that has been entered for a ribbon. When we lived in San Bernardino the craft section of the county fair was pathetic--I think there were a few things built out of legos. Seriously.
Seriously it's the best square pie and disc of ice cream you will ever have!

My boys loved going on the rides. We ran into my niece and nephew, so Jordan and Sam were able to go on a few rides with their cousins.

Sam loved the choo-choo. He spent the whole time turning the steering wheel.

Jordan took the more laid back approach and just sat and watched the scenery pass by.

Sam had to bring his koala backpack!

Jordan was so excited to be able to go on this huge slide all by himself. I was worried that he would chicken out at the top. It took him a few minutes of sitting up there before he finally dared to go--okay, maybe the carnie man pushed him a little! :)

He looks terrified in this picture!

but he had a good time!

Benji always has to try the basketball game once each year. (He has never made it.)

I was trying to get a picture of Sam in his cute fair outfit, but he just wanted to pull faces.

Although, this is a pretty cute look on him....

As I was snapping shots, Jordan slid in front of the camera for his turn.

Jordan thinks this lemon is SO funny. He remembered it from last year, but was so sad when we wouldn't agree to paying $5 for 12 oz. of lemonade.

This is where Sam's bunny obsession started.

We went and looked at a few of the booths, but decided to leave all of their overpriced merchandise there.

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