Monday, September 12, 2011

Angry Birds

My boys are obsessed with Angry Birds. Benji hasn't had a smart phone that long, but it only took a few times of playing the game before Jordan was hooked. Soon it was all he talked about and wanted to do. I've been trying my hardest to get him away from the computer and phone and actually pretend to be an angry bird, but he still prefers the game.

Still, I will occasionally walk in a room and find random things stacked together to make a "pig tower"

Here is Sam with his amazing pig tower made out of Styrofoam.

One day I made some pom-pom angry birds for the boys to play with.

Jordan loved them

Here he is with his very impressive pig tower (and best Angry Bird face).

Benji even made him a sling shot...

Now for a possessed Angry Bird....

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Bob said...

I love angry birds too! and love all the photos. I haven't checked in for awhile... what fun memories.