Friday, September 13, 2013

24th of July rocket celebration

We headed out to the Great Salt Lake on Pioneer Day to launch some rockets. That's how we celebrate. They're like fireworks, but cooler.

Of course, I took a million pictures. The Great Salt Lake is kinda ugly. There are dead seagull bones everywhere, and it kind of smells, and the ground is grey and salty, but for some reason the pictures turn out really cool.

Hannah was in a CK model kind of mood when we first got there. :) 

So excited for rockets!

We first launched Avis Iratus (Angry Birds).

Lift off!

She wasn't sure she liked the loud rocket.

Next we launched Ninja. It broke in half in the air and since it was 800-1000 feet in the air each piece floated down about 1/2 mile apart from each other. We did a lot of walking to rescue them.

Here's the nose cone floating down.

Cool wave lines in the sand.

Ninja has a clear spot in the nose cone where you can put something to launch into space. We decided a marble needed to be an astronaut that day.

Here's how we found the body of ninja. Crazy.

So much walking.

We also launched our little rocket named Dragon. It also broke in half. I think having our rockets stored in our hot storage unit for so long wasn't good for them.

Then we headed to Ihop for breakfast. It was a great day!

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