Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sam's first day of preschool

Sam is going to preschool at a lady's house in our ward. Her name is Miss KonaDee and so far he looooves school. School will be so good for this guy.

I took him to the park to get a few pictures before I dropped him off. I am so happy with how these pics turned out. I can't get over how handsome he is and how grown up he looks.

Now I want to show you why you should be impressed with the cute pictures above. These are a few from blooper reel of Sammy's photo shoot. Seriously, just a few.

I love him.

Hannah was feeling left out and started posing for pictures. She's cute even with stains on her shirt. She also looks so big in this picture. What the heck!?

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Kelsey said...

haha. I love these. And I LOVE that picture of Hannah too! I can't believe Sam in already in Kindergarten!