Sunday, September 8, 2013

Peach Days

We headed up to Brigham City yesterday for Peach Days. I took the kids by myself because Benji had his first day of teaching his dental assisting class. The kids loved the parade more than I thought they would. They waved and clapped the whole hour and a half. They loved it.

Hannah waving at everyone.

Then I dropped Hannah off at Benji's parents house and I took the boys back for some rides. Here we are waiting in line for the gravitron. 
 On the gravitron

They loved it. I hated it.

Then we went on the farris wheel.

Sam brought his beaver and buckled him in.

Then they went on this ride. If you look at the first few pictures you would think they were terrified and hated it.

But this is what Jordan looked like coming off the ride.

We had a few more tickets so they got to go on this truck ride. They say they didn't like it as much as the fast rides, but the looks on their faces look like they're having too much fun.

We walked around and looked at a few booths, but I was still feeling sick from the gravitron so we left. Yup, I'm getting old.

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Kelsey said...

Sam's hat is adorbs. Yes. And I love all these pictures!