Thursday, September 5, 2013

Adam's canyon hike

I'm going to try and tell this story without getting too wordy. This was a fun hike we went on earlier this summer. We found the hike online and knew the location and that's about it. We weren't even sure on the length of the hike, but thought that it might be about 3 miles and ended at a 40 foot waterfall.

The beginning of the hike was miserable and we were so hesitant to continue because it was a steep incline on sand. It was also the hottest day of the year so far and the sun was beating down with us as we trudged through the thick, awful sand.

We took a rest and decided to keep going.

And thank goodness the beginning was the hardest part. Once we got into the trees we were on a hard trail and the trees provided some shade from the hot hot temperatures.

It also was gorgeous, so we had to keep going.

We weren't sure how far we had hiked and stopped at this waterfall thinking maybe this could be it. We were all tired and not sure we could make it much further. So we sat down to eat our sandwiches when two other hikers appeared. They told us that the waterfall was SO close and we couldn't stop.

So we just had to climb up over some rocks and carry our kids over a small stream.

And we got there! I was carrying Jordan and he spotted the waterfall first and it was so funny to hear his cheers of excitement. We spent the next 5 minutes cheering and marveling.

After a rest and dinner we hiked back down.It was an awesome hike!

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