Monday, March 30, 2009

San Diego

Here is one more post of some of the fun we had before leaving for Utah. We spent some time in San Diego at a beach. It was pretty cloudy and cold that day, but it didn't stop Jordan and Benji from having fun in the water.

Building a castle.

Oh no! It's filling with water!!

I like this picture because it looks like Jordan isn't sure what to do about his castle getting covered with water.

I don't know why he's jumping like this, but he's excited about something!

Then Jordan discovered how much fun it is to throw wet sand. The next few pictures are him in action.

I thought this was's what the sand looks like after he grabs fist fulls to throw.

and this is what he looks like after grabbing fist fulls of sand to throw.

Water splashed in Jordan's face, and this his reaction to getting salt water in his mouth.

Getting chased by a wave.

This is what the beach is like with a little person. Sand sticks to everything!


Benji said...

That kid has mad hops.

Grandma B said...

He is just copying his dad. He is baby ninja!

Stephanie said...

How fun! I love your pictures!