Sunday, March 29, 2009

A short break and a long drive

We just returned home from Brigham City where we spent a week relaxing and spending time with family. I am now making my return to blogging after a few weeks of absence. I have much to post, but after the 11 hour drive I'm ready to relax again.

Jordan's best lines on the way home:

As we were creeping slowly in traffic near Las Vegas Jordan started chanting from the back seat, "Turn green! Turn green! Turn green!" I wish all of a sudden we had a green light, but alas, we were stuck in traffic for about an hour in that one spot.

Jordan loved listening to the radio on the trip. If a radio station went to a commercial break Jordan would insist on another song. "I want song," was a common request from the backseat. After listening to the new Pink song that has lyrics that say something like, "so what I'm a rockstar....." Jordan said, "I want rock stars." I'm surprised he was listening that closely to the lyrics!

We had fun on our little vacation, but we are happy to be home.


Cambrie said...

Welcome back! Jordan is getting to be quite the talker! I love the "TURN GREEN". Smart boy!

Julie said...

The 'chocolate donut' line he repeated back to me was the funniest thing ever. He doesn't miss anything. I'm glad you made it back safely. We miss him already.

YES, relax and be careful the next few weeks until my mom gets there OK?

Naebelle said...

My dear Missy,
How fun it was tonight to click on your website and read about all the marvelous things you are doing as a wife and mommy. You are just a beautiful and darling woman...with all the right values. I love you so much and I see all that you are. I want you to know this.
You are a great one and I'm so glad I have been a part of your life. I kept my sanity by realizing the moments with my kids would be gone quickly...and here I am! Posting comments at 12:30 in the morning....haha! It went by in a flash. I know the moments are hard at times, but oh, so worth it!

I can't tell you how happy I am that you married a wonderful man and that your life is working out so blessedly. You deserve all the happiness and love you are receiving, for you are a bright spot in the world, sent from above.

I have seen that traffic recently going back to the coast and it's awful. Just think! It's about over!
I loved seeing the basketball photos and Jordie's fake fouls!! hahaha It was so fun to see you for a few moments this weekend.
Aunt RaNae