Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been boring lately

so that's why I haven't posted in awhile. Jordan had the stomach flu, or something like it for a few days and I've been just plain lazy. Seriously. I get up and do one little chore and have to sit for twice the time it took. My house is slowly falling apart and I can't keep up with it anymore.

Anyway, that's about it. Hopefully I'll do something cool soon....


Annette Hadfield Images said...

Someday when you look back, it will seem like the time just flew by. You won't always be preg. and the hubby won't always be gone.
I remember the day dad graduated from law school. I had been looking forward to it for so long, and that night it really hit home, how we much we were leaving as we drove north to our new home. We had a lot of good friends and memories. I posted a couple of pic's for you on my blog love ya mama H.

Jenny said...

Your blog is really funny. Who cares about the house? Enjoy spending time with your boy and don't worry about it. And I know exactly what you mean about people being able to see if it is a boy or a girl; I would hear all the time that they could see from the shape of my belly that it was a boy and they were all wrong.
Good luck with the new little baby! I bet you can't wait.