Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spending time with Grammpa and Trebor

My dad and brother came from Utah to visit for the weekend. We had a fun and relaxing day yesterday. We went to the church so I could print the program and the boys played basketball. We made a trip to the temple and In-n-Out Burgers. We played at my house and had an enjoyable time. Jordan misses grandpa and even Uncle Trevor. We came home from church today and Jordan yelled, "Grammpa!" while searching the house for him. I told him Grandpa and Trevor had to go back home and with a quivering lower lip he said, "Grammpa? Trebor?...Beach?" I'm not sure why he said beach, but I'm guessing he has a running list of things he misses.Hey Trevor! Nice defense! :)

Jordan likes to play basketball like he sees it on TV. There are a lot of fouls, which include falling. Here is Benji getting fouled.

Here is Jordan getting fouled.

Working on dribbling.

Beautiful Redlands temple

Jordan would dip his hand in the water and then clap his hands so the water would splash on his face. He thought it was pretty funny!

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Stephanie said...

You looks so cute pregnant!