Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

On St. Patrick's day Benji and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We went out to eat at Chili's and enjoyed cheesecake at home for dessert. I absolutely love being married to Benji and with each new adventure we have I love him more and more. He is a great husband and dad! I love you Benji!!Cheesy Jordan!

Of the three anniversaries we've celebrated I've been pregnant for two of them. I was 37 weeks along on our first anniversary and I'm 32 weeks along now. So not just pregnant, but ready for a baby within a few weeks.

1st anniversary

3rd anniversary

At least we're consistent.


Annette Hadfield Images said...

Jordan looks so grown up - can't wait to see you guys again. congrats on your anniversary.

Julie said...

Maybe it's because you look soooo cute pregnant? Glad you had fun - see you soon.

Porter's said...

Hey, hope you had a wonderful anniversary! It's crazy how fast time flies... Sonny and I will be celebrating our 8th next month!

Stephanie said...

I think you need to keep this pattern up. You look super cute.