Tuesday, March 3, 2009

They are listening

Today we were driving around town running errands and twice I had to suddenly brake. Not screeching tires, close call brake, just more sudden than normal. Both times Jordan yelled from the back seat, "Shoot!!" The first time I laughed and thought it was a coincidence, but the second time I realized one of us says "shoot" when we have to brake quickly. I'm happy we have clean language in the Hadfield home because I already feel guilty enough about him just saying shoot. I'll have to work on the angry words that come out of my mouth.

Jordan has been adding adjectives in front of the words he knows. I think it's pretty cute. At the park today he said, big rock, fast car, cold milk, and huge slide. It's funny the things they pick up.

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April Mae said...

I had Caleb CONVINCED until he was about six that "shoot" is a bad word. I miss those days. At least they're still afraid that they'll get their mouth washed out with soap if I hear "shut up" out of their mouths.