Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a very lovely and relaxing Easter Sunday. After Jordan's nap he enjoyed his very first egg hunt. He did pretty well until he figured out there was candy inside and then he didn't care about finding the rest. I eventually had to hold his basket for him and guide him around the yard.

I wish I would have combed his bed head hair and fixed his tag. Oh well, it's more real this way! :)

Jordan discovered the chocolate!

Jordan got some fun sports side walk chalk in his Easter basket. He loved coloring the blimp I drew for him.

Happy Easter! Hope everyone had a great day.

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Ali Seaman said...

How funny! I love it. And the Easter hunt pictures. and the idea of the turn out with dad. How fun! He does look like Benji! (but there's a lot of you in him, too!)