Thursday, April 16, 2009

My little old man

I have been sick for a few days and I guess Jordan caught the cold I have because this morning he has had zero energy. He asked to take a nap right after he ate breakfast so he took a ten minute power nap on my shoulder. After waking up and trying to play some basketball he gave up again and asked to take a snooze in my bed (yes, he really used the word snooze). He was in my bed for a few minutes and then pointing to the TV said, "I want news." News!? Really? What a funny kid!


Julie said...

News, U-NO, puzzles . . . you guys are raising him on the wild side aren't you?

Melissa said...

I think it's all him. He's the only toddler I know that tells himself to be careful, and then when he does get hurt he says sorry to himself. He's not like his daddy at all! :)

Stephanie said...

He is so funny. What will he be like with the next one? And will the next one be such a character?