Monday, April 13, 2009

Turn Out

Every Saturday Jordan gets to go on an outing with Benji, we call them turn outs. It's something that Benji did with his dad. The rules are simple:

1. The child gets to choose where they go.
2. No distractions (cell phone, radio, etc.)

We kind of cheat though because Jordan isn't quite old enough to tell us where he wants to go. He still has fun though, and I think Benji has done a good job choosing places that Jordan would have chosen himself. Eventually Jordan will take turns going out on turn outs with his siblings, but for now he gets to have every Saturday with his daddy. Last Saturday Jordan was lucky enough to go to a baseball game with Benji. Jordan loved it! They sat right behind the dugout and had fun cheering, talking to the mascot, dancing, and eating french fries! Woooo!! Jordan was quite a ham and had every person in the crowd in the palm of his hand (one guy gave him a foul ball he caught!)
Jordan in his cute baseball jersey before the game.

This is why you can't tell Jordan to smile for the camera! I have to ask him look at me if I want a normal picture.

Another one. What a cheeser!!

Benji and Jordan saying good-bye to mom. Poor mom had to stay home and take a relaxing bath, catch up on some TV shows on-line and go to bed early. Poor mom! :)

We have some cute videos of Jordan at the game and a few other turn-outs that I want to put on the computer. They will be coming shortly.


Camille and Paul said...

What a fun tradition! I think I should adopt this into my family! We will see if Paul is up for the challenge! ;) At what age did he start taking him out?

Melissa said...

He's been taking him out for a month and a half. We were going to wait until he was two, but I needed the little break each Saturday so they started earlier. I think they've both loved it!