Saturday, April 18, 2009


Little did we know that when we named Jordan after a river the boy would develop an intense fascination with waterfalls. That just happens to be a cute coincidence. He is a unique youngster, and we love it! After all, can you think of another toddler obsessed with waterfalls?

Benji has had five knee surgeries in his life which has left quite a large scar down his knee. Today he asked Jordan what it was and Jordan said, "knee waterfall!"

This week Jordan finished his first art project.....on my cabinets. He has never liked coloring, drawing, painting, or doing any art project. Boy, was I just pleased as punch that he decided to start on my white cupboards with ball point pen. When I brought him in to have a talk he got way excited before I could say anything and said, "Jordy draw WATERFALLS!" (or as he says it, "Doughy draw WATCH-IT-WALLS!") He was so proud of his artwork!

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Rustin & Kelsi said...

so, you couldn't get mad at him could you?!