Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Beach Day to you!

Jordan was lucky enough to spend his second birthday at Newport beach. It was a hot day (in the 100s!), but we still spent about four hours playing in the sand and water. Jordan had a blast! I put tons of sunscreen on him, but I missed the skin right above his swimming suit on his back. The poor kid got a little burned and I felt awful. We put "green cream" (aloe) on his back everyday and he seems to be fine now. He has a pretty funny tan now.

Jordan loved playing in these puddles left behind from the high tide. They were pretty deep in some places, and they were perfect temperature since they had been warmed by the sun. Jordan loves the water, but hates the waves, so these were perfect!

The hot sun was very nice at the beach, but made for some scorching sand. Jordan had to wear shoes everywhere.

Jordan found this hole in the sand and was giving it hugs. :)

This is why Jordan can't go out in the water. If a wave, even a small wave, touches him he gives up and falls in the water. After this fall he came and told me all about the "icky salty water"

My handsome 2 year old. (With lots of sand on his face!)

Making sand waterfalls.


Mandy said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. We are so excited to come visit.

Katie said...

Your little boy cracks me up! I love how he was giving the sand a cute! And good pictures.

Katey said...

That is so cute! Happy second birthday! I miss you Jordy!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!! Last time we saw him he was just a baby. Now he is all grown up and making sand waterfalls! He sure is sweet. Really great photos!!

Stephanie said...

How fun! Happy birthday Jordan!