Friday, January 4, 2013

A few more elf pictures

Here are a few more pictures of our adorable little Streamer.  He hung out on the blimp hanging right above Jordan and Sam's bed.

Then one day he switched the pots and pans with underwear. He put the pots and pans in the underwear drawer.

One night he switched the blocks that say, "family" to say, "elf."

One night he painted on some Rudolph noses in the middle of the night. He left some Rudolph treats too!

Oh, and Streamer had a Rudolph nose as well!

Everyone thought it was funny....except for Hannah.

On Christmas Eve Streamer brought one of Jordan's lost toys back! This is Den and he is a special Angry Bird that Jordan loves. He lost him in the summer and Streamer brought Den back with a book explaining where he's been. I will post more about this later....

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