Monday, January 14, 2013

Review of 2012

 2012 was a weird year for us. We went through some of the most difficult things we have experienced, yet we learned and we grew more this year than any other. Because of all of our trials we learned that our Heavenly Father knows us, loves us, and cares what we are going through.

Here is what we did month-by-month.

Hannah was a chubby 2 month old.

Because it was cold outside and we had a newborn baby the boys played inside a lot.


First pig tails!

We went to the Gateway Discovery museum

 We went to Hill Aerospace museum

We sent out Valentines.

On Valentine's day I rushed Hannah to the emergency room and sent her on a helicopter to Primary Children's Medical Center, she was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and spent 8 days in the hospital.

 The next four weeks we gave her antibiotics through the PICC line in her arm.
 (I don't think I appreciated this picture when I took it last February, but I got choked up looking at it today because she looks so healthy. This picture was taken a few days after her release from the hospital. We are so blessed to have our little baby with us still!)

I tried to carry on life as normally as I could for my boys and we celebrated leap year.


Hannah started doing so much better and was smiling, happy, and chattering away. This picture was taken just one week after being home from the hospital.

My sweet mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and niece painted Hannah's room and bought her a crib and changing table while she was in the hospital. I started decorating it a little bit.

We celebrated St. Patrick's day. A leprechaun visited our house, caused some funny mischief and then left us some fun treats.

Hannah turned 4 months....and she was still chubby.

Hannah got her PICC line taken out.

 Benji and I celebrated 6 wonderful years of marriage.


Easter egg hunt at the park.

 The Easter Bunny left a fun scavenger hunt for the boys.

Easter Sunday. Sam dressed up like a bunny.

 Jordan turned five.

He had an Angry Bird birthday party.


Hannah was blessed

Sam turned three!

We went to the Golden Spike reenactment.

Jordan graduated from preschool.

We went to Hill Air Force Base for the airshow. (It was freezing and rainy!)


It was finally warm, so the boys played outside a lot.

Happy Father's day!

Hannah turned 7 months.

Benji turned 31.

We went to park City.


We celebrated America. USA! USA! USA!

We were in a parade. With a crocodile. 

We got free slurpees.


My sister got married.

We went to the county fair.

Jordan started Kindergarten!


We went to Peach Days. Jordan rode on the ferris wheel.

She turned 10 months old, but wasn't impressed.


She started walking!

We were the Avengers.


Sam had a mohawk.

She turned one!

We set up the Christmas tree.

Our elf on the shelf came. We named him Streamer.


We had so much fun with Streamer.

We bought a gecko.

We had a Merry Christmas.

And a scary New Year.

We're so excited to see what 2013 will bring for our family. Hopefully we all stay healthy and we're hoping to move to Bountiful sometime soon.

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Kelsey said...

Yay!! Best one. I got married... just saying. haha. I love it though. You have a much more interesting life than me. My 2012 review blog was boring. haha