Friday, January 25, 2013

Ice storm

So we had freezing rain here in Utah a few days ago. It caused the roads to be covered in a sheet of ice. It was pretty treacherous and I'm so happy Benji has had the past few days off so he hasn't had to drive in it. Well, it made the snow in our backyard pretty cool and fun. It was frozen on top and soft and fluffy underneath. It was like our snow had crust on it.

The guys had fun playing outside today. First they threw chunks of ice (because they couldn't make snowballs, of course.) The chunks of ice would glide across the surface of the snow when you threw them. Very entertaining.

Then they started burrowing underneath the icy crust. These pictures made me laugh for so long.

My little snow bunny.

These are my feet in the snow. You might be able to see the crust on the top. It was wicked crazy, but so fun to crunch around in.

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