Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Eve

 We had a dinner at Benji's grandma's house and then my mom came up to watch our kids while Benji and I went to the Hobbit. The boys had fun with grandma and stayed up and watched a movie with her for awhile. 

I love this picture....

Benji and I got back from the movie and then watched our neighbor's fireworks at midnight.

I tried to get a picture of me and Benji, but he was in more of a silly picture mood, I guess. I think it's the Ron Swanson mustache that does it.

Then I told him to kiss me. I laughed at this picture for 10 minutes straight.

Happy New Year!


Stephanie said...

You have amazing hair!

Kelsey said...

Agree with Stephanie.../You guys are adorable!