Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Jordan finally caved in and ate something. He had a plate of lasagna and a roll for dinner. He didn't even ask for a cookie. Phew! I was kind of tired of the battle. I knew he would eventually eat, but he doesn't give up easily!


Mardi and Jeremey said...

Oh good! I have a feeling that my little boy is going to be difficult with food. We have tried more than half of all the baby food flavors and he barely likes the fruit. He just has no interest for anything but my milk.

Steph said...

Yippee! Glad to hear he's eating again. Just to warn you though, it's pretty normal for toddlers to suddenly become uninterested in food. When you look at how much they're learning at this stage, it seems pretty logical for them to think they have more important things to do than eat. Lincoln was a great eater until about 15-ish months and then he all but stopped. He consistantly eats a pretty good breakfast and lunch, but he's been going without dinner (or 1 to 2 bites max) for a long time now. It really helped me to realize just how little toddlers actually need to eat to be healthy. As long as they're getting some dairy, some protein and something with vitamin C, they're in pretty good shape.(we give a vitamin supplement too, just to be on the safe side) And you can rest assured that no kid is going to let himself starve.

Whew! That was a long 'un. Sorry! I just had to share-- I wouldn't have stressed out nearly as much as I did with Lincoln if someone had told me all that upfront.