Monday, September 8, 2008

It's gone

Benji stopped locking up his piece of junk bike awhile ago, and somebody finally stole it last night. I think Benji is pretty excited about it. The thing was held together with duct tape, only the front brakes worked, the back tire was lopsided, and it wobbled. We left it in front of our house for three weeks while we were in Utah and nobody stole it. It's pretty worthless. I'm happy they decided to take that and not the stroller that was on our front porch. It would have cost a lot more money to replace that. Well, here are a few pictures of what the lucky thief is now owner of. I don't think they realize it's more work than it's worth.


Ashley said...

Maybe they just wanted that patriotically classic, "I voted" fact, I did.

Melissa said...

haha...yeah, that sticker was the only thing cool about that bike. Farewell cool sticker!