Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jordan's posse

Just recently Jordan has become infatuated with stuffed animals. He has always had many of them, but now he actually loves playing with them. He has four that are his favorites: Bog, Pooh, Ooh-ooh-aah and Melmo. (You can probably figure out who's who.) He sleeps with ALL of them and tries to carry all four of them all over the house with him at the same time. Last night he wanted to take all of them in the bath with him and I told him he couldn't, of course, but I had them sit in the doorway of the bathroom so they could watch him. He thought that was so cool and every once in awhile he would stand up in the bath and talk to them. Jordan normally HATES getting washed in the bath. He hates anything that takes time away from play time in the bath, but last night was different. I told him he should show his animals what a good big boy he is by getting his hair and body washed. Jordan willingly laid down in the tub and didn't make a sound while I washed him. It was AWESOME! Thanks guys!


Julie said...

I kind of noticed that when you guys were here & I'm so happy that bathtime is going better. Ryan is jealous that Jordan is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. We are tired of winter.

Stephanie said...

You should name Hadfield Beta, Ooh-ooh-aah the second. I know Jordan would approve.