Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is it really January??

Yesterday we enjoyed the Southern California sun at Venice Beach with our friends. We walked on the boardwalk, played on the beach, and had a little picnic.

Jordan mostly loved running down hills, chasing seagulls and being chased by his daddy.

When Jordan would chase the birds he would hold his arms like this. I thought it was cute.

At the beach Jordan only wanted to play in the sand. The water was not appealing at all, which is pretty weird considering he calls the sand a waterfall as he sifts through it.

Another failed attempt to get Jordan near the water. The sand is too tempting.

Benji enjoyed the water.

So, as Jordan played with the sand by himself he watched everyone else play in the water. Oh well, at least he can entertain himself.

So we had a fun day, until I started acting all pregnant and needed to use the restroom. It seriously was the disgusting bathroom I've ever been in. I honestly didn't even wash my hands because I didn't want to touch ANYTHING! It was probably better that way. There were pigeons in there with me and their poop was on everything.


Matt and Jenni said...

HAHAHAHA!! My gosh, I seriously laughed my butt of at that picture of Benji jumping the wave!! (and I'm at work, so I got several interesting looks thrown my way) And that BATHROOM!! EEEEWWWW!!hahaha! I can only imagine what that was like...

BreAna Palmer said...

that bathroom is disgusting. I can't believe it. oh I want to see the ocean so bad, looks so beautiful. The ocean is one of my favorite things in the world

Grandma B said...

What a beautiful day...until the bathroom. Jordan is soooo cute! I am a bit jealous with our toasty 14 degrees right now!

Julie said...

Gee, thanks for rubbing it in. The beach looks awesome. Jordan is wearing my favorite t-shirt too!