Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Wadee wall"

Every time I tell Jordan we are going to Disneyland he gets way excited and says, "wadee wall!!" Which in Jordan language means waterfall. Jordan's favorite part of Disneyland is being able to see waterfalls. I don't think Jordan is going to miss Disneyland too much after our passes expire because we can find free waterfalls anywhere!

So, we were able to spend a day at Disneyland as a family because Benji's patient canceled. Jordan got to meet Chip for the first time and he loved him. He was so excited about pointing at a huge chipmunk that he wouldn't look at me for the picture. (I think it's cuter like this though!)

Jordan also waited in line to see Pooh and Tigger. I wish I had a video of Jordan interacting with Pooh because he was so dang cute. First of all, I put Jordan down expecting him to be shy like normal, I turned to give our camera to the Disney worker and turned around and Jordan was already giving Pooh a huge bear hug. Then he had his Pooh stuffed animal give the big Pooh kisses. He couldn't stop cuddling with Pooh, it was hard to get him to leave.
We then waited to see Tigger. Poor Tigger definitely comes in second place to Pooh in Jordan's eyes though. Jordan kept telling Tigger all about Pooh, and showing Tigger his Pooh bear. Tigger was a good sport though. We did show Tigger that Jordan was wearing Tigger stripes and I think that made him feel better.
Tigger did eventually get a hug from Jordan.

We met some friends later on to celebrate Hallie's birthday. Can you imagine being lucky enough to celebrate your birthday at Disneyland with all of your friends!? Lucky girl! Jordan loved eating the yummy cupcake especially since on top it had a mound of frosting the size of the cupcake itself. Mmmmm! Thanks for inviting us guys!


BreAna Palmer said...

what a lucky little guy going to disneyland that much. I am totally jealous. i love that place.

Julie said...

You are right! Disneyland birthday's are wonderful. I spent my birthday with you guys at Disneyland last year. I had so much fun taking Jordan to Turtle Talk with Crush & Muppets 3D. Hopefully we'll make it again in May.