Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning we spent with my dad and siblings at my brother Todd's house. We had to wake up at the crack of crazy dawn and drive to his house because Benji and I were going to Brigham City later that morning and didn't want to be stuck in the huge storm that was supposed to hit. There were crazy amounts of snow in West Jordan and the driving conditions were awful, which made Benji and me (mostly me) pretty uneasy about the drive north. Once we got to my brother's house the roads were clear and pretty. I guess West Jordan got dumped on with snow, but the cities around it were fine. Pretty weird. We were grateful though because our drive to BC later that day was smooth.
At my brother's house we enjoyed our traditional creamed eggs over toast and little smokies breakfast. (Have you noticed how our traditions involve food?) We then opened gifts and hung out for a little bit.
When people ask me what I got for Christmas I sometimes think of Jordan's presents first. It's different being a mom, I find more joy in watching him open gifts and remember what he received more than my own presents (not that I'm not grateful for my gifts, it's just different).

Notice how Jordan is playing with a brush instead of his new toys!

Later that morning my brother showed Jordan his cop car, actually his cop SUV, but Jordan didn't care as long as it had flashing lights and a siren. Jordan had so much fun! He has awesome uncles.

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