Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To Katey

Jordan has six cousins, but only one special girl cousin. Jordan loves Katey so much! He laughs and smiles whenever she is around and loves looking at her pictures when she's away. Katey is always good for lots of kisses and hugs, which Jordan LOVES!
Jordan loved spending time with Katey during the Christmas break and I know he misses her now that we are home. Katey doesn't know this but she is a big helper at our home without even being here. Lately when I pull Jordan out of the tub if I tell him stories about Katey or ask him about Katey he doesn't cry or squirm. (Which is amazing because Jordan absolutely hates getting out of the bath! It usually takes both Benji and me to wrestle him down to get his diaper on.) So Katey, thanks for helping out in the Hadfield house! We owe you big time! We love you and miss you!

P.S. That picture is obviously a little old, but you can tell from Jordan's face that he loved Katey right from the beginning!


Julie said...

So cute! I used to have this picture at my desk at work. They grow up fast. I totally forgot to show this to her before she went to bed. Tomorrow . . .

Katey said...

I miss Jordy! Now I'm going to cry. When are you coming back? Give him a kiss from me please.