Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's day!

In our house we celebrate two holidays on March 17th. It's St. Patrick's day and our wedding anniversary. I was going to start celebrating St. Patrick's day on the 16th so we could pack the day full of fun things and not have a date get in the way, but I just decided to do it all on the same day.

We (or maybe just me) had so much fun this year. As my boys get older I can be more creative with holidays because they can do more and they enjoy it more. I started the day off with a little leprechaun mischief and a scavenger hunt/maze type thing. I used my circle punch and punched out about 400 "gold coins" that I put all over the house. If the boys followed the coins it would lead them to a little treasure that the leprechaun left for them.

Is it sad that now-a-days whenever I do something super fun for my family I get excited that I didn't get the idea from Pinterest!? Well, this one didn't come from pinterest, this one is my idea! :)

Anyway, the gold coins went everywhere in the house. 

The leprechaun turned the basketball hoop upside down!

He even turned our kitchen table upside down. (A HUGE hit, by the way)

He even hung toys from the pot holder!

He turned the water in the potty green. (This idea did come from Pinterest, I just didn't add the leprechaun feet, because I didn't want my kids to think it was pee. haha)
 And he left a little message on the mirror.

 Eventually all those gold coins would lead the boys to the laundry room where they would find bags of goodies in the dryer.

Here's what they had in their bags. A lot of green goodies and some chocolate gold coins.

 In the morning Sam woke up first. It was so funny to hear him run down the hall yelling in excitement. When I went in the kitchen he was pointing at everything saying, "Jordy has to see this!" It was cute that he was thinking of his brother! Jordan eventually woke up and the boys started following the gold coins.

 The leprechaun also hung toys from the light downstairs.

They found their treats!

Then we had breakfast. Rainbow fruit and Lucky Charms!

My boys don't like milk in their cereal so of course they only picked out the marshmallows.

For lunch I made this little lovely
As a child I hated when people called me "carrot top" and here I am making a leprechaun with carrot hair. Oh well.

He was so proud that he made his marshmallows into a rainbow shape.

We were going to make noodle necklaces with green noodles and shamrocks, but it just never happened, but I think we all still had an enjoyable day.

Sam wore a kilt for part of the day.

We got this cute family picture taken, but in the sunshine my eyebrows disappear and my face looks really weird. I've been playing around with Sepia and black and white to see if I can make it look better. It's not quite right, but here is this one.

Then Benji and I went on a date for our 6th anniversary.

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