Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 9

 March 11-17
Jordan and Sam were eating smarties in the truck one day and had this conversation.
Jordan: Smarties make me smart about candy.
Sam: Smarties make me smart about what words to say, and what words not to say.

Jordan: Did you know we take a shower after swimming.
Me: Yeah, why do you think you do that?
Jordan: Because when you get out of the pool you are wet and then you get more wet to go home.

I had a doctors appointment that I took all three of my kids to last week. I bribed Jordan and Sam with Happy Meals if they were good the entire appointment. They did great, so on the way home we picked them up. Sam ate most of his at the kitchen table and then decided he would rather eat outside so he started packing everything back in the box to take outside. After putting his burger, fries and apples in he dumped his chocolate milk out of it's carton into the box and started to carry it outside. I still can't decide why he did that. We actually had to have a conversation about drinks staying in their own cup or carton.

Jordan had Kindergarten roundup last week. It was so fun following him around to all the different stations he had to go to and hear what he would say. In the assessment station the kids are asked to identify all the letters of the alphabet, the colors, the numbers 1-10, shapes and to see if they can turn pages in a book. Jordan did really well. At one point the lady dumped out a tupperware box with plastic bears in it and told Jordan to count them as he put them back in the box. Jordan took about 3 minutes to line all 20 bears up in a perfect line before he counted them and then put them back in the box. The lady asked if his room at home was perfectly clean. (It isn't.)

In the speech station at Kindergarten round up the lady asked Jordan if he knew what rhyming words are. He said, "Yeah, like Jordan rhymes with Gordon!" So she told him that she was going to say a word and he needed to tell her a word that rhymed with it. Jordan did really well with the first three and then the last four he completely messed up. So messed up it was cute. I don't remember all of his answers, but when she asked what rhymed with mouse, Jordan said Mo.

Sam was coloring with crayons one day and kept asking for a shaver. I told him he couldn't play with a shaver. He kept getting more and more agitated and started yelling for a shaver. It took me awhile to realize that a shaver means eraser.

One day we were passing by Bushnell Motel in town and Jordan pointed to the sign and said, "Oh look! There is Hollywood!"

Jordan asked me one day, "remember when there was a fire in Dewey Village?" (It's really Deweyville.)

One day I entertained the kids by pressing the scan button on the radio and keeping it on the station for one second before changing it. They both thought each noise they heard on each different station was so funny and soon all three of us were laughing so hard that we had tears in our eyes.

"I have a cool idea for when we have our Easter egg hunt, how about when you find an egg, it explodes." -Jordan

Benji reads chapter books with the boys each night before bed. Sam was so excited to go to bed one night and said, "We get to read another tractor (chapter)!"

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