Friday, March 16, 2012


 Most of my pictures of Hannah at the hospital are on Benji's laptop, so I haven't had the chance to add the pictures to my blog because he always has it. I finally have the chance tonight so I'm going to try and get the rest of the pictures posted. It sounds easy, but I took about 500 pictures at the hospital. I have to go through all of them. 

The whole meningitis experience was difficult, but I think the hardest thing was when we were at the emergency room in Brigham City and they told us they were going to have to fly Hannah to Primary Children's hospital. I knew it was serious, but once I heard the word helicopter, I knew it wasn't good. I don't even know how to describe the feeling, it made me dizzy and want to throw up all at the same time. It really was like a punch in the stomach. I thought Hannah had the flu, but babies don't usually get a ride in a Life Flight helicopter for the flu. 

Looking back, the helicopter ride is what saved our baby girl. She would not have made it if she wasn't flown to Primary's. She almost didn't even make it on the helicopter.  So the helicopter ended up being a great thing and I will forever be grateful for it and all the people that got her on it.

My boys are jealous that Hannah got to ride on a helicopter, but I hope no one else in our family ever has to again.

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