Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 8

March 4 - 10

My boys sleep with their door open and as they are falling asleep I keep the bathroom and kitchen light on for them. One night they were being extra chatty and I told them I was going to start turning off lights if they kept talking. They didn't pay attention and kept talking so I turned off the kitchen light. Sam yelled, "don't turn the light out in the chicken!!"

Sam and I were having a conversation about visiting California and we were talking about the ocean. I told him that the ocean's name is Pacific. Sam's favorite thing he did last year was the Golden Spike reenactment and the trains are named Jupiter and Union Pacific, so I thought he would love the name Pacific. I asked him if it sounded like anything. He said, "Yeah! It sounds like fun!"

One day the snow was melting off our roof and the water was pouring out of our rain gutters. Sam laughed and said, "Oh! The house is peeing!"

 Jordan was sitting on the potty one day and I decided I had enough time to run the garbage out to the can outside. One of my neighbors was walking by with her dogs and starting asking about Hannah. We got talking and soon I see Jordan walking out to the porch out of the corner of my eye. I immediately knew what he was going to do and tried to get him to go back inside, but he didn't listen and turned around, pointed his bare bum in the air and yelled, "MOM! Did I get it all!?"

 Jordan came home from preschool one day and we had this conversation:
Me: What did you learn in preschool today?
Jordan: the letter J.
Me: What starts with J?
Jordan: Ja-ja-Jordan.
 Me: Good job! What else?
Jordan: Ja-ja-Ryan's mom. (Ryan's mom is named Julie.)

One day we went to the park to play. It was a beautiful day and there were a lot of moms and kids at the playground. Jordan climbed to the very tallest point and loudly announced, "I am going to name this park Toot, because it really stinks!!!"

We have a ten year old neighbor that loves Jordan and Sam. She stopped by one day to say hello and started playing basketball with the boys. I heard Jordan say, "you are going to lose!" She asked how he knew that. He said, "well, somebody has to lose." Maybe we'll have a conversation about sportsmanship.

One night our boys were telling knock-knock jokes. They don't quite understand how they work and most of them weren't funny, but they would laugh and laugh anyway. Most of the time they would look around the room and say whatever they were looking at. Like this joke Jordan told:
J: Knock-knock
Benji: Who's there?
J: pan
B: pan who?
J: pan oreo cup.
So Benji tried teaching them how to tell a good knock-knock joke by telling this one:
B: knock-knock
J: who's there
B: Sam
J: Sam who?
B: Sample my pizza.
So Jordan tells this one right after:
J: pizza
B: pizza who?
J: pizza sample!
They don't quite get it yet! :)

One night at dinner Benji asked if they said anything funny during the day. Sam started laughing and said, "Yeah!!"

One morning Sam came in my room and put his face right next to mine and said, "It's morning time! Cock-da-doodle-do!"


Camille and Paul said...

So cute! I just can't wait for you to move closer so we can play more and laugh daily at the funny things our kids say.

It is interesting what you said about jordan not liking to color/draw. Jackson is the same way. Once again I am anticipating him a year from now by seeing what Jordan is up to! Glad to hear he likes it, and he is a great artist!

A.G. Hadfield said...

Love those little guys! Wonder what things they will come up with when Hannah starts tagging along.