Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Air show

 We went to an airshow at Hill Air Force Base last Saturday. Jordan was not excited to go, he thought it was going to be too loud and was scared. He cried when we got there and kept his hands over his ears refusing to let go. He was desperate about leaving until he saw this guy.

The parachute guys changed his mind and he was soon happy to be there. Thank goodness they start out with parachutes and not the Thunderbirds.

So it was a dark and cloudy day, which made for great photos, but when the wind started blowing we decided we would be pretty miserable with three soaking wet kids so we left after a few hours. We barely made it to our car before there was a downpour. In the boys' eyes we stayed the whole time though, they loved it.

I love me some cool clouds.

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kelseyluella said...

Those pictures are WAY awesome!