Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hannah's blessing

Hannah's blessing was special and another reminder of how blessed we are to have her healthy and here with us. Her blessing was beautiful and talked a lot about love and service. It was cute to see Benji get a little emotional when I changed Hannah into her dress when we got to the church. She looked beautiful and she was very well behaved the whole meeting.

The couple that was assigned to speak in church that day didn't show up, so the Bishop asked Benji to come up and bare his testimony. Benji brought Hannah up to the pulpit with him and it was adorable.

We met at Benji's parent's house after the meeting for lunch.

Here are most of the men that were in the circle.

Nana and Hannah

Most of the cousins.

With Grandma and Grandma Great.

Hannah with her daddy, aren't they cute?

I was not a fan of this picture, but then I added this 60s filter on it, and even though it looks weird it's 100 times better than it was. Kind of weird, but kind of cool....

Sitting with Mogie.

She has this look on her face all the time now. Silly girl!

We attempted to get a four generation picture for the first time, but Hannah was so tired and screaming. I think they turned out okay, and I think the crying face is kind of cute. We'll get a better one later....

And then she fell asleep.

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