Sunday, May 6, 2012


Here's a few things that have been happening around the Hadfield household.

Ahem....this first one doesn't really need an explanation. The boys were sick for a few days, but are feeling much better.

Crazy hair runs in the family.

I figured out a way to tame her crazy hair, but I have to ask, is she too little for a pony tail? It doesn't hurt her, and it's not too tight, but I just don't know.

Jordan and Sam combined their birthday money to buy a snow cone maker. They have been in snow cone heaven.

My dryer broke, so I've been drying everything on my deck.

It's pretty annoying, but you have to admit all those socks lined up in a row are adorable. Plus, it kind of makes me feel like a pioneer.

This picture was an accident, but I love it. It makes me giggle.

Hannah started eating solids.

There was a crazy cool rainstorm that made some awesome clouds in front of my house.

And it's that time of year when my bathtub looks like this when the boys are done bathing.

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Stephanie said...

I love all the pictures! Hannah has so much hair. It makes me laugh so hard!