Monday, May 28, 2012

week 19

 May 19 -26

I don't know why, but most of the quotes this week have to do with Sam whining, complaining, or getting in trouble.

I was looking at a picture of a crashed car on the internet when Jordan walked up behind me and said, "Wow! That car is turning into a transformer!"

Sam kept asking me for something that I didn't want him to have. He asked me again and I said, "Sam, I already told you no four times, stop asking!" He said, "No, you only told me three times."

Sam was blowing bubbles into his water one day, then he started laughing, "I sound like Thumper!"

Sam was complaining A LOT one morning. I don't remember what he wanted, but at one point I got so sick of his whiny tone that I said, "my name isn't mooooooooom, it's mom." To which he quickly responded,  "no, it's Missala."

We were driving around town on a Monday morning when we saw a garbage truck picking up garbage at a house. Sam got really excited that today was garbage day. I explained to him that our garbage day is on Wednesday. His response was, "awwwwwww, that's in 40 weeks!"

There was a huge spider on our front porch that I sprayed with bug spray. Sam came walking up and said, "What's that called? Dying spray?"

Sam: I can't stop coughing!
Jordan: You must have a cool.
Sam: No Jordan, it's called a coal.

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