Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why, yes. I am posting something new.

Have you ever had a dream where you were so mad at someone that when you woke up you were still mad? Last night I was SO mad at Benji in my dream. I was throwing things at him and throwing temper tantrums and when I woke up I couldn't shake it off right it's a good thing he left his laptop home today. That helped me get over my silly anger. :)

Jordan and Sam aren't feeling so great today, so we're having a sick day (they're watching a movie right now), so I have some time to post something. I am just adding my latest pictures, ALL 600 OF THEM (!), to the laptop and then I just have to figure out what to say first.

 In the past two weeks I have celebrated two birthdays, thrown a baby shower, launched a few rockets and Hannah was blessed. Where should I start?

I guess we'll go in order. On April 20th it was Jordan's fifth birthday. We were planning on an awesome Angry bird party on the 21st, so on his birthday we went to lunch with my mom and grandma. Jordan wanted to go somewhere where they would sing to him, so he chose the Olive Garden. I didn't complain, it's one of my favorites.

But first we started the day with birthday waffles....

Then we went to Olive Garden

My boys love their drinks...hehe

Then they brought a cake and we sang to Jordan

Then Jordan opened his present from Grandma and Grandma Great

He's five!

Benji got called into work, so we went to Bountiful for a little bit. I took a few pictures of Jordan with his new ball that he named "Throw Catch."

Happy birthday to my big boy! I will post the birthday party later. This took me all day!!

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