Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sam's birthday

Sam's birthday was on a weekday, so since Benji had to go to work we decided it would be fun to visit as many playgrounds in the area as we could. First we started the day with birthday pancakes.

Then we set out to the first playground. (I'm warning you, this is a very picturey post. I edited out as many as I could, but I'm not very good at that anyway, because I love all the pictures.) Here they are:

What is it with kids loving to climb up the slides? 

Jordan taking a rest.

The birthday boy

Next playground was the McDonald's playplace. We ate lunch and then the boys played for a bit.

They were so excited about Happy Meals.

Then we went to the next playground.

I got so many cute smiles from Sam, but oh how I wish he didn't have a runny nose. Oh well!

Then off to the next park.

Jordan was so excited that he figured out this slide. He has been dying to do this for so long now. 

We did this same "park hopping" thing for Jordan's third birthday, so I had to recreate the picture we took on Jordan's birthday.

Here is 2010:

Now 2012:

This is really how much things have changed in two years:

The boys found a broken drinking fountain that made the water shoot five feet in the air. They thought it was hilarious.

Now that is genuine happiness right there:

Then after playing with the fountain, we headed to the next playgound.

By this time the boys were starting to get a little tired, but they insisted on one more park. So we went to one more playground.

 Later, when Benji got home from work we had dinner (spaghetti--Sam's favorite) and then had a fancy pants cake:
 Okay, so I wasn't up to making a cake, but Sam didn't even notice, he loved the cupcakes.

He also was distracted by presents.

Here he is opening up some rocket engines. He was so excited to have just those, but he didn't realize that he was also going to get a few new rockets.

Here is the new "dragon" rocket.

Happy Birthday Sam! What a sweet boy you are!


kelseyluella said...

ok... these pictures are adorable. But I love the recreated fountain picture. SOOO CUTE!

Camille and Paul said...

What a fun idea to do a little park hopping! The picture with them sitting together is so sweet. Love it.

And truth be told...kids don't really care what a cake looks like, do they?

A.G. Hadfield said...

so cute....love reading the funny things they say and seeing your great photos.